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Upkeeping hygiene and cleanliness is at its utmost importance while the world continues to open up. Here at Kimberly-Clark Professional, we want to support you while traversing through stricter protocols and increased expectations of hygiene and cleanliness.

Through these articles, we invite you to see the potential in streamlining your processes and take away actionable insights for your business.

Office Building Germ Hot Spots

How targeting “hot spots” is a key step toward reducing germs

Retail, Grocery & Foodservice Germ Hot Spots

How targeting “hot spots” is a key step toward reducing germs

Cleaning vs. sanitizing vs. disinfecting

Is there a difference? Hint: Yes, there is.

3 Ways to Master Workplace Hygiene

Organizations are ramping up efforts to elevate hygiene protocols, but are they prepared for what this entails?

Paradigm Shifts In Hygiene Expectations

Are paper towels meant to replace Jet Air Dryers?

How to Solve Your Biggest Restroom Problems

Top issues and solutions that can elevate the washroom experience.

Got Cleaning Questions? We've Got Answers

Completely eradicating germs is impossible, but you can do more to reduce germ transmission.


The support of experienced partners is just as important as choosing the right supplies. Contact our experts to help you identify solution to equip your business for the new normal.